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Who thinks the predator should be Victorious in movies?

Who thinks the predator should be Victorious in movies?

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Young BloodMember12 XPSep-05-2021 7:48 PM

I strongly believe they should start letting the Predators be victorious, I mean how many movies have we seen humans be the victors? All of them. 


That takes away from who and what the predator is. Predators are renowned through out the galaxy has a predator warrior and some how we always win. By doing so we are taking away the Predators reputation as an elite hunter/predator by doing so.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please share 

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Elder PredatorMember4185 XPSep-08-2021 2:45 PM

we need a Predator protagonist for the next movie



Young BloodMember12 XPDec-31-2021 4:47 AM

@jd87 , you are not only one who want to see the TRUTH :) . I think in a REAL  encounter with humans , Predator will be like Spanish conquistadors wich kill ALL aztecs , or White ppl kill ALL red skin indians .... They have no chance with BOW against FIREARMS .  But it seems producers believe bow are stronger than energy weapons, radars,infrared vision ...etc  :( 

John Lynn

Young BloodMember16 XPJan-02-2022 11:43 AM

uh me for sure.  I want a whole sort of foreign language film focused on a clan, no humans at all or maybe only as a plot device.  Hollywood don't wanna take that risk and use their damn imagination though.  Sometimes I wonder why the writers spent time in university only to reject all imagination after graduating with few exception, like Del Toro and Tarentino are shining examples of how to be.  It's sad they are so exceptional.


Elder PredatorMember4185 XPJan-03-2022 5:51 AM

Hollywood is too busy being politically correct to have an imagination and worried over profits 



Young BloodMember11 XPJun-06-2022 1:53 PM

Maybe a point is missed here as the predator keeps returning to earth because it isn't the ultimate hunter/killer..we are!) 


Elder PredatorMember4185 XPJun-06-2022 2:03 PM


I don't recall the Predator franchise ever calling the Predators the ultimate hunter/killer. They come to Earth for a simple reason, to hunt the most dangerous game.
Currently the humans are the most dangerous life on earth and thus the Predators are always hunting humans because we are a challenge they seek.

When not hunting on Earth, they hunt other similarly dangerous creatures across the cosmos, like xenomorphs for a classic example, HUMANS ARE NOT SPECIAL!



Young BloodMember18 XPAug-25-2022 7:49 PM

YES! 100%. im sick of knowing how every Predator movie ever made will end without even seeing it. 

Seeing a new perspective of a predator winning, would be awesome. definitely something creators should consider. 

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