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what a predator game should be like

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berserker predator

Young BloodMember0 XPJun-24-2013 5:34 PMI think a good predator game could really give the predator fan base a big jump. there is so much you can do with the predator. I really wish I was an game developer because I would make the most kickass game of 2013. with the graphics we have now. we could make an amazing game. I would love to hear about what you guys have to say about this. thanks for reading!
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Young BloodMember0 XPJul-01-2013 5:38 PMI would like to see a predator origins movie like Prometheus; explain where the predators cam from.


Young BloodMember0 XPAug-20-2013 9:36 AMI'd love an open world Predator game. Choose your own hunts, customize your hunter. I think that'd be pretty awesome. Predator: Concrete Jungle was pretty cool if anyone's played that. Controls were a bit finicky though.


Young BloodMember0 XPAug-20-2013 10:47 AMSeeing pred walk around would be great, I'm not really a fan of first person pov. but those who like it can change between those two :).

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Super PredatorMember9516 XPAug-20-2013 3:47 PMIMO the perfect Predator game already exists, it is called Batman: Arkham City - remove the gliding, add trademark kills (such as ripping out spinal columns, hanging upside down with no skin etc.), add hunter customization and have the OWLF as a kind of nuisance (looking for you, pursuing you) and voila the perfect Predator game.


Young BloodMember40 XPAug-21-2013 12:30 AMI know that the shooters are great but also I would like a rpg or even a MMORPG :p

Judge Baggins

Young BloodMember0 XPOct-01-2013 4:59 PMI have to agree with shambs. A Predator RPG with an open world would be amazing. I actually thought as to how it would work. Instead of you hunting humans on earth, you hunt other alien species and rogue predators on a different planet! Just imagine the possibilities.

Wolf, Earth Xenomorph Hunter

Young BloodMember0 XPDec-22-2013 11:35 AMYeah. A Predator RPG would be great. I would also like a planet system and hunt system or something. Also like rank/title system. Example: If you destroyed a hive of aliens with 2 players or 1 or by yourself. You and your allies would become clan leaders. If you participated in 250 hunts, you would become a veteran/elite. Actually the higher rank, the more weapons you can get. I would also like a crafting system and an achievement system though. Also creating a clan or something. Would be great, I know that graphics aren't the number 1 priority in games but I just want 3D style graphics or just high or just like in the AvP Video Game 2010. I would also like choosing sides like aliens and marines and the part where you can invade a clan of predators, although each faction has one indestructible stronghold[ mostly the base where people save and craft stuff, like a city or like world of warcraft -_- = where it's your home city] Also a reputation system where you get more respect the higher your reputation is which can be increased through hunts. I also want some honor points which is rewarded for following the code of predators or idk what do they call them anyways, ill just called "Pred Rules". Disobeying one of the rules will make your reputation to turn into a bad blood. Last, I would suggest that when you have the higher ranks, you can build you own throne, settlements and stuff. For more info read the AvP wikia. Too much to say about the responsibilities and rewards. Too much for a RPG? IDK, its my opinion. I still have more opinions though.

La Selva

Young BloodMember0 XPJan-13-2014 10:36 PM

You should be able to hunt in four different planets with different terrain and game. Id also like to be able to switch between first and third person. You should be able to set traps, also stalk and get ranked for your creative hunting/trapping combonations in for different hunts. It would give the game some nice replay value.


Young BloodMember1 XPApr-15-2014 11:48 PM

It should be 3 person, with the different Predator types, customizable armor and all the weapons.

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