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A pitch for a Predator movie to be set in Afghanistan ?


Dec-09-2018 11:33 PM

As the Blu-Ray is coming out for The Predator (Super Excitement for it) We all had time to say what we feel about the film. Personally, I thought the movie was solid, To me I think the next movie should be set in Afghanistan, 2018 which a group of soldiers (Rangers or SEALs) need to find a platoon that went missing near a forest for which they are hunted by a invisible force to be reckoned with. I think the Predator films need to go back to basics with this simple concept like the original but be it’s own thing and it’s own feel. Tell me what do you think about the setting ? Do you think we should explore the history which the Predator was apart of ?

12 Responses to A pitch for a Predator movie to be set in Afghanistan ?


Dec-11-2018 3:54 AM

Well, I think what the desert is the perfect place for another Predator movie. Main reason - deserts is hot, and predators like the heat. I don't remember the title, but I read a comic book with deserts and bad blood predators. It was great.

Anyway - next movie must ignored Predator Killer. Because this feature destroy conception about humans as victims.


Dec-11-2018 8:09 AM

Or have it on a desert planet with Colonial Marines and Weyland-Yutani being involved! <3

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Dec-11-2018 4:16 PM

Heat and Conflict is the name of the game here, this film would make the Yaujta look scary and threatening not that they looked scary before but to put in the fear back in the Predator which two of the first films and Predators achieved perfectly. Yeah the second film got to not mention the Predator Killer.   


Dec-11-2018 4:19 PM

Yeah I've been waiting for them to do a Predator/Alien movie in the future with Colonial Marines. With old school props like the motion trackers and rifles and miniatures like BR2049.  


Dec-11-2018 5:13 PM

Set in Afghanistan maybe.... at least we not considering shooting it in Afghanistan ;)  Predators would be the least of their worries!

I think the Terrain of Afghanistan would suit the Predators, the Mountainous Rocky Formations to the open Desert and in the Heat of a Desert you can already get a Hazy Look/Mirage Effect and so spotting a Cloaked Predator in that would be HARD and those who see one would put it down to their mind playing tricks.

You would have to ASK..... WHY would it be set there?

Would the Predators see going into a Conflict/Warzone as a Ultimate Trophy Challenge?

Could a USA Base hold a Downed Predator Ship and maybe Predators, that was shot down over the area?

I think this would be ideal to use the Embassy Predator Aesthetic if we have the Predators Escape and have to make do with Salvaging Human Military Armour and Weapons to Escape. 

A Predator Escaping a USA Base, with only Assault Riffles and Limited Ammo while being chased by Military would be interesting and a TOUGH task for the Predators and then if they run into Afghanistan Militants that would pose another Problem.. 

The Warzone is a HELL-HOLE a Dangerous Place with lots of IED's and Mines.... how would a Predator Detect them without there Mask/Vision Technology?

Its a Place that inquisitive Predators who then have their Ship downed, Seized along with Technology, would soon offer them the ULTIMATE Challenge to Survive as opposed to HUNT

The Hunter becomes the Hunted!

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Dec-11-2018 11:30 PM

Love the way you think, the idea is bring the Predator into an already war zone where they are just enjoy humanity kill each other for every reason possible but also dives into a downed ship in the ruins of a Ancient City which the Yaujta taught humans how to built. Which explains their influence on humanity. The desert and forest are ways to shoot the film.


Dec-13-2018 12:38 AM

I love the premise about a desert conflict with the Predator! Great idea!

My only thought, does it need to be in an established warzone? What if it creates the conflict. Have a slow build ups where it terrorises a local village, escalates the threat into a flashpoint, draws in fighters on an international scale then stalks and kills the best of them between the infighting.

Maybe something different. A less honourable predator that camps and snipes, use traps and poison, misdirection, Hostages etc?

Thumbs up! 



Dec-13-2018 2:52 PM

Thanks man, this idea came to me when watching the beginning of the 2018 film. The slow built up to seeing The Predator is something that will fantastic where the tension builts and builts to extreme levels to scare the audience. I like the idea of the Predator creating conflict between ISIS and the US, which we see a village which disappears overnight due to a dishonorable Predator killing the residents and it’s cattle. It’s a fantastic idea. 


Dec-13-2018 11:45 PM

Misdirection sounds interesting. Misdirecting two sides to engage in a proxy battle and recruiting the winners. 


Dec-14-2018 12:24 PM

Yeah it does, like the Americans can think it’s the rebel fighters or ISIS and they think it’s us. Like the Predator make it worst battle than ever before 


Mar-11-2019 1:04 PM

The Predator: Hunters II comic actually features a Predator in Afghanistan and it has one of the best looking artwork I have seen.


Oct-03-2020 1:08 AM

What if it creates the conflict. Have a slow build ups where it terrorises a local village, escalates the threat into a flashpoint, draws in fighters on an international scale then stalks and kills the best of them between the infighting. shareit app vidmate

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