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Unmasked Yautja Evolution


Aug-10-2018 6:33 PM

The Evolution of the Yautja's "face" practical effects

From the films only, and no super-predators, just the "classic" Yautja


Jungle Hunter (1987):


City Hunter (1990):


AVP: Scar (2004)


AVPR Wolf (2007): 


"Crucified Predator" from Predators (2010):


The Predator (2018):

Lots of subtle changes over the years. Most notable changes are the dimensions of the mandibles and the size and length of the dreadlocks.

Whose you favourite and why?

3 Responses to Unmasked Yautja Evolution


Aug-10-2018 6:43 PM

Personally my favourite unmasked yautja design is City Hunter.

Where Jungle Hunter had a distinctly crab-like appearance and sound, City Hunter was more spider-like. Perhaps it is the larger cranial with colouring not to dissimilar to a wolf spider, and the thinner more fang-like mandibles?

On film City Hunter had some very menacing scenes....and some not so....but when its element it was fearsome design that gave the impression of a seasoned hunter.

LA was definitely not this hunter's first rodeo.




Aug-10-2018 7:07 PM

I think I like Scar. The changes are very subtle. One thing that looks consistent are the eyes- self aware/intelligent. The eyes are very expressive while having a look that keeps one on his toes- but there seems to be a subtle look of wisdom and even a bit of sadness? 

 They are a great counter to the obvious looking threat of the mouth. 

Next to the Xeno, I don't recall a creature as captivating as the Predator.


Aug-14-2018 8:47 AM

I'm still impressed with the city hunter. 

King Willie was most likely very impressed.

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