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Jun-06-2018 2:20 AM

Please give thoughts.

Here is my basic idea for a Predator game:

1st person. You are on the hunt and will thrash humans hanging them upside down. 

The thing is- why? What would be the motivation? If it is all about killing, that would seem to wear thin from a gaming perspective. 

Perhaps there should be a human sect to be reckoned with- armed, smart and unpredictable. 

I only have seen the movies- maybe other mediums answer these questions.

Anyway, this is just about brainstorming and having some fun.  

12 Responses to Predator game ideas


Jun-06-2018 7:28 AM

it becomes difficult for several reasons and movies have this problem aswell. we have logic mixed with sci-fi and its hard to make it believable that humans at this time can be viewed on the same level as the yautja as they have way more advanced tech than we do so other than predators, how do u get a group of humans light years away from earth to interact with them? only way is to do what was done in alien and set it in the future. id go the opposite way.

go back in time. the first yautja to come to earth do their blooding hunt and its successful yet they see the potential in man evolving into a serious prey. so when they are leaving they take a group of humans with them. those humans breed and evolve within yautja society. u play as one of these early abducted humans waking up on a hunting planet and have to survive but as u go and complete tasks the yautja teach u things about their past, their civilisation and their tech.all I have just now but still thinking


Jun-06-2018 2:02 PM

That is an interesting idea! Maybe as you go along and advance, you begin to mutate and by the end of the game you are an  actual Predator?


Jun-06-2018 6:37 PM

A Predator action survival Role Playing game would be nice. Instead of experience points, you get honor points to level up. Cause Dishonor and you'll loose honor points and potentially your rank level.



Jun-07-2018 1:33 AM

I like that idea Xenotaris

Would be cool if it was also Open world, maybe like Mass Effect, explore a few star systems, hunt on different worlds, moons etc? 




Jun-07-2018 5:57 AM

Just over four and a half years ago I proposed an open world Predator game that would borrow heavily from the Assassins Creed and Batman Arkham video games. You can read that proposition HERE.

I still believe that this is the most viable option for a Predator game, though I also believe that an optional first-person perspective could also be used, as games like Thief, Dishonored and Skyrim have showcased.


Jun-07-2018 7:11 AM

anyone played star wars KOTOR? as ur story progresses ur actions and conversations dictate whether ur a jedi or sith. maybe something similar where if u do something dishonourable u drift closer to becoming a bad blood and if u hunt honourably then u rise up the ranks in the clan. if u end up a bad blood maybe the last part of the game could be the other yautja hunting u and u have to escape the planet


Jun-07-2018 9:59 AM


Yes I have both KOTOR and KOTOR II: Sith Lords. 

Having the honor system being based on KOTOR's light/dark side does sound a lot better.



Jun-07-2018 10:41 AM

their both awesome games


Jun-08-2018 8:57 PM

All great ideas. It would seem ideal to have a sandbox mission driven style game with 1st/3rd person options. Additionally, it could be done in a way with side missions and such for compleatists but unnecessary for those who want to just play through it for the story.


Aug-01-2018 8:23 AM

I like the human sect aspect dk...tough rebellion.

A historical setting would be great (1800s London, American Civil War), as well as, jungle...and I have always liked the slow burn mutation you mention at the end. Yes.

ali81, wonderful idea on capturing humans and using this angle to explain detailed history, weapons, planets. I think this approach you describe is ideal for the content.

I'm about to start Aliens vs. Predator and Alien: Isolation (have the games have yet to buy PS3) and I'll have better recommendations regarding game play hopefully....and I can't wait to be a Predator..recommendations? 

Genius Xenotaris...shaming those who dishonor.


Aug-02-2018 3:26 AM


Thanks, I got the idea by playing tons of western role playing games that have a morality system. KOTOR duology, Mass Effect trilogy, and the Fallout series (except for Fallout 4).



Aug-03-2018 12:45 AM

I like the human sect aspect dk...tough rebellion.

Another possibility playing as a human would be using stealth and the ability to use/create mud and find other ways to mask your heat signature- giving temporary invisibility from the Predator(s). It would also be interesting to use things in the environment to makeshift decoys and traps. Like Alien Isolation, you would need to be judicious since the AI would wise up to your tactics and they would become less effective.

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