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The Predator (Predator 4) Movie Plot Synopsis

The Predator (Predator 4) Movie Plot Synopsis


Jan-26-2017 9:08 AM


The current Predator 4 movie plot, as far as we know will seemingly follow this synopsis:

While on a routine mission to neutralize a specific Human target, a marine (played by Boyd Holbrook) discovers a deceased Predator carcass. Upon discovering the body, he also discovers weapons and armor left behind by The Predator. Upon completing his mission, Holbrook brings the Predator equipment back home with him where his son (played by Jacob Tremblay) notices the alien gear.

Upon realization of the stolen technology, another Predator embarks on a mission to track down [Holbrook] and reclaim the stolen technology so that it may not be exploited by Human scientists.

Once an official synopsis is released, I'll be sure to update this post with it!

26 Responses to The Predator (Predator 4) Movie Plot Synopsis


Jan-26-2017 9:29 AM

really hope this isn't the true plot. needs to go back to basics with more detail into theyr society. predator needs a boost since the avp cross over as does alien, but this sounds lazy writing to me just to get a predator movie out due to ridleys' AC and possible alien5 being done


Jan-26-2017 4:36 PM

I'd be willing to give it a chance. I feel like we may get to see something closer to the "Humans utilizing Predator tech" topic I started a while back. Until we see the first trailer I'll remain optimistic.


Jan-27-2017 4:00 AM

I hope they go for something more different, unless its not the same Predator in the first movie... as well i doubt there would be much of body left....

And the Technology would have to be pretty indestructible.

I thought the new movie was to be set as a direct sequel to the Original Predator though.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-27-2017 7:38 AM

yeah id heard that aswell. if that's the case then there is tech left from the first predator, possibly. if arnie survived the blast its pretty safe bet its shoulder canon survived. plus the pod the predator came down in at the beginning of the movie. could infact thinking about it go the way the post says. some weapons contractor to the military find the pod, shoulder canon and have a secret facility they take them to. a predator is sent down to destroy the facility along with the tech. think predator needs a human antagonist in a similar way weyland-yutani is in alien


Jan-27-2017 12:32 PM

I hope it is not a movie like that. 


Happy Hunting.


Jan-27-2017 2:11 PM

what would u want to see?


Feb-02-2017 9:29 PM

I don't think it's a result of the initial attack between Schwarzenegger and the Predator whose tech they discover. I believe it's a different encounter with a different Predator. Either way, I'm open to how his film plays out. I've always wanted to see a film similar to the Predator Concrete Jungle game,  where by mankind uses stolen Predator tech against the Predators themselves. Would make for an epic battle.


Feb-03-2017 2:47 AM

Indeed Chris... that would be the logical way to go and could be very interesting.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Dr. Curt Connors

Feb-05-2017 7:54 AM

Shane Black directing and co-writing The Predator, it's gonna be good however the story goes! The Nice Guys is fucking awesome, this guy knows how to make movies!


Feb-05-2017 8:47 AM

Uggh! That sounds horrible!

A 10 year old kid finds some predator weapons? 

So what does he do? Take it to school and show his friends? lol? don't tell me...he accidentally shoots one of his friends and his dad gets all mad. "That's my gear little dude...HANDS OFF!"..."But, dad it's real cool stuff!"

Is this a teen movie?



Feb-05-2017 1:42 PM

I think there are two really important factors missing from the synopsis. Those being time and place. If the time is now, then thinking about this logically, a marine could be deployed somewhere like Iraq. Given the news of Isis raiding and blowing up monuments, that could provide a setting for where the Predator is found. This could give rise to a possible Predator vs Isis movie. It would have to be one hell of a script to pull something like that off. Alternatively a marine could be someone operating during the WW2. That could give the potential of Predator vs Nazis. I think the setting to this movie will be the crucial bit. I’m sure at one point there was a script that could have read like Predators of the Caribbean, and gave the origin of the pistol at the end of Predator 2 or something like that.


Feb-07-2017 5:48 PM

I think they could pull it off, as long as they do it carefully.


Feb-09-2017 9:11 AM

sounds like theyr going to draw on many aspects of concrete jungle

Stan Winston (deceased)

Feb-11-2017 4:20 AM

My expectations are depreciating fast.

Predators don't leave their dead lying around. Fact. So Shane is WROONG!

Shane writes and makes black comedies - good black comedies, but comedies nonetheless. Predator just cannot fit that mold.

PS: I second a Predator versus I.S.I.S. movie. Wouldn't it be exhilarating to see a scene where the baddies just threw someone off a roof but they seemingly float back up, and before you know it, a predator decloaks and chucks the baddies off the roof, but keeps a clench on their spines so that it and their skulls are torn free while their bodies plummet. RADICAL!


Feb-12-2017 6:11 PM

I'm not sure how I feel about this - I like the Predator in it's natural capacity as a hunter, not on a retrieval mission. I think this would interfere with the body count and action that would have occurred otherwise. 


Mar-27-2017 3:42 PM

Both Alien and Predators started out with brilliant first films but what sets the franchise's apart was the scope of their sequels. Love or hate James Cameron's Aliens film, what it did was rapidly expand the Alienverse adding in the Colonial Marines, building on the crooked W-Y corp, space colonisation etc.

Predator 2 had the same premise as the first film, but in a city. Then 30 years later the third film was a carbon copy of the first film....but on a different planet. Now it looks like the fourth predator film will be a carbon copy of the second film.

We saw the tiniest glimpse of an expanded Predatorverse in AVP:R (which was a terrible film) with a peek at a predator homeworld. Go there, follow a Yautja clan on a multi-world hunt or something. Follow the novels and comics. Expand!!!


Mar-28-2017 2:04 PM

I like the idea of predator tech being used, maybe if the tech is successfully replicated by man and deployed by the time the predator shows up it gets its ass kicked!


Mar-28-2017 4:38 PM

Yes but then fat old cops are capable of beating a Yautja in hand-to-hand combat.......cough  *Predator 2* lol

Id rather see man up their game on their own tech front.



Apr-30-2017 9:40 PM

All I can say is, why does it have it to be modern day again?! Why can't a Predator movie be in the future. There were novels about that, and how it tied in with the aliens. That is what I liked about the Predators movie, is that although the people were from a modern day Earth, they were sent to an alien world the Predators  (Hish or Yautze) used to hunt them. The Alien movies are all in the future. let's see a Predator one in the future. It does not mean the Colonial Marines would be any better with tech against them. But the odds might improve.

Timmy the ultramorph

Sep-27-2017 7:30 PM

there is just so much cool content for the predator universe, I find it sad that the ideas for the new films seem so plain. a bit lke iraptus said earlier, if you want to get a great predator movie plot, just read the dark horse comics and adapt some of them.

food ain't that bad! - Parker

Timmy the ultramorph

Sep-27-2017 7:33 PM

also, i saw some on set images images that showed what looked like 2 predators in the back of a tank partying. hopfully this was just the cast in there predator costumes inbetween shots or we are in for a very wierd movie.Image result for predator 4 on set images

food ain't that bad! - Parker


Sep-27-2017 11:33 PM

My two cents...

Humans using Predator tech - wasn't that in AVPR

Humans teaming up with Predators - wasn't that in AVP

Super Predators vs classic Predators - wasn't that in Predators

A Predator movie set in suburbia - wasn't that in AVPR

A kid helps unlock the technology for the protagonist - er, Iron Man 3


While I love Shane Black's character of Pvt Hawkins in Predator and his work on the Lethal Weapon series and TV show, what we know of this movie seems very, very unoriginal. Together with the fact that Fred Dekker has co-written this (we wrote and directed RoboCop 3) makes me shudder.

Predators are attracted to heat and conflict so why not have a movie set in Vietnam War, Middle Ages Europe, Middle East, Africa, Bosnia, American Civil War or World War II, instead of goddamn suburbia again (coz it really worked last time didn't it).

And Yes Stan Winston (deceased), Predators commit suicide if defeated, as shown by the classic 'Anytime' jungle Predator from the first movie.

I have said it before and I'll say it again; feck the Avatars, James Cameron should do a Predator movie with Michael Biehn starring.


Oct-10-2017 6:19 AM

The picture with the two preds defectors on the tank is from a scene, they really get along, don't forget that these preds live with the human soldiers in a US military base.These are pred scientists working against the other pred faction, those who want to replace us on earth.The 11 feet tall hybrid is the bad guy from the other side.It's from the  script :

SCURRY behind the APC like racing dogs.
THE LOONIES AND THE PREDATORS unload on them, but one manages
to LEAP onto the back! Teeth gnashing. It FALLS OFF, but
quickly regroups -- HURTLES back, but --
BRAKK! BRAKK! Surgical bullet hits.
The thing BUCKLES. Plumes of GREEN BLOOD, as --
hangs off the back of the APC with a SNIPER RIFLE, taking
well-placed shots. Beside him:
Look at their necks, Chief!
McKenna blinks. “What??”
McKenna squints at:
And there, sure enough, something resembling COLLARS.
McKenna raises the TRANSLATOR PAD; YELLS to the nearest
Predator scientist:
The Predator BARKS and TRILLS between blasts.
CLOSE ON TRANSLATOR: Searching... Searching...
“Self. Destruct.”
McKenna, intense. Thinking quickly, he grabs the talkie from




Jan-14-2018 9:26 AM

God I hope this doesn't turn out to be another Robocop 3...


Feb-28-2019 10:30 PM

The finest line from the movie
Rory -"I'm sorry I did not increase, up like you wanted me to" Random action hero dad - "Its okay son! I Didn't either"
The best action sequence in the movie
Traitor predator wakes up from slumber in the sci-fi lab until the nude scene.

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