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The Predator advanced screenings taking place in Los Angeles!

The Predator advanced screenings taking place in Los Angeles!

Attention Predator fans in California! Do you live in the Los Angeles area and wish to attend an advanced screening of Shane Black's The Predator? If so, you're in luck! A screening will be held May 10th (5 days from now) in L.A. at 7pm. If you are between the ages of 17 and 49 you can apply for tickets right now through the Advance Screenings website - HERE!

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Shane Black directs The Predator - a new film set in in the iconic Predator movie series by 20th Century Fox. If you're anticipating this film, you will want to join in our The Predator forum! It's a great place to discuss the upcoming Predator movie and engage with other Predator movie fans. Get info on The Predator's release date by visiting the About The Predator Movie page!

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1 Fan responses to The Predator advanced screenings taking place in Los Angeles!


May-08-2018 8:55 AM

Again we have to Question why FOX would do such a Advanced Screening, unless those in countenance sign a NON Disclosure.

As their is bound to be reviews and spoilers to this movie 4 Months Prior to World Wide Release and if these reviews are Negative and/or people get Spoilers and already know what the movie is about, then SURELY this could impact the Box Office Numbers.

4 weeks Advanced Showing would be fine... 4 Months? I feel could be a Error.

But it would be interesting to see the Reaction to the Advanced Screenings and Fingers Crossed the Movie is actually Decent to Good.

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