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Return of AVP

Return of AVP

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Super PredatorMember8212 XPJun-20-2018 8:18 AM

Yes. There is more about that here:



BloodedMember299 XPJun-20-2018 8:27 AM

I feel like the predator franchise is totally cooked at this point. What more can they do? There is no mystery or real story-line left to explore. 


Elder PredatorModerator2414 XPJun-20-2018 10:53 PM

Gunna move this to the Predator page fella's as the links are more to do with The Predator.  

IMO there is a whole universe to explore with the Yautja on film.. someone just needs to take the risk and move away from the usual Hunt-on-earth premise and re-boots. The books and comics having been doing it well for decades. Really well!

But it would likely require substantial risk and outlay to do and most casual sci-fi fans and Predator fanboys just want to indulge in some predictable spine-ripping, shoulder blasting Predator action. 

Steve & Stephani Perry's AVP trilogy (Prey, Hunters Planet, War) or

Tim Lebbon's AVP Rage War trilogy

Trust me, they will show you the potential of the Predator franchise :)

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