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The Predator: Alternate Hybrid Predator Concept Art Designs

The Predator: Alternate Hybrid Predator Concept Art Designs

Scified2018-12-05 16:51:48
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Since The Predator has become available for download, a plethora of concept artwork from the film detailing a variety of alternate and unused Hybrid Predator concepts have surfaced online! Some of the concepts created were truly remarkable and quite a detachment from the authentic Predator DNA, but still fascinating to consider. The following works really show just how expansive this franchise can be. Check out the art below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Hybrid Predator Concept Art by Ben Mauro

Ben Mauro created some Hybrid concepts back in 2016. Here's some of his work:

Visit his ArtStation page for more!

Predator Monkey Hybrid by Constantine Sekeris

Constantine Sekeris has shared other works of his concept art from The Predator previously and most recently he debuted artwork for a Predator / Monkey Hybrid creature which Shane Black had originally wanted in the film. The idea was ultimately scrapped however, and the Predator Monkey was never realized on film. Check out the unique artwork below:

You can see more of Constantine's work on his Instagram page!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2018-12-05 16:51:48

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5 Fan responses to The Predator: Alternate Hybrid Predator Concept Art Designs


Elder PredatorModerator2414 XPDec-05-2018 8:23 PM

yeah not a fan of that hybrid concept. It looks sleek, but to much like a Halo Covenant knock-off. 

Monkey Hybrid looks creepy as hell though! Could have made for a formidable little nasty.

I envisage lots of face-ripping and jugular-vein biting 


Super PredatorMember8212 XPDec-05-2018 9:43 PM

It looks too bug like and the eyes seem wrong. It also seems like it would be amphibious somehow.

The monkey has some real possibilities though. They could be an early evolutionary version considering the jungle environment the Predator likes. They could bring all kinds of angry impulsive hurt. 

Walter 8

Young BloodMember13 XPDec-06-2018 8:17 AM

First concept looks good, but if h ad to be honest it looks too outlandish to be considered a hybrid of a Predator and another alien or earth animal. If anything, it kinda looks like the Predator equilvalent of a crocodile or a gorilla. If it was featured in the film like that, then I'd accept it. If this was a concept that the Assassin Predator replaced, though, then I'm glad it did. Again, looks way too outlandish to be a hybrid of a Predator, or even what it could evolve into in the future. The Assassin Predator caught that you me and I love that design more than this. What else can I say than if anyone hated how the Assassin Predator looked, they'll hate this even more.


With the monkey Predator hybrid... Yea I have to admit did a better job looking creepy as opposed to the either cool, cute, or ugly looking Predator dogs but... I don't know. To me, they could have just brought the Hell Hounds back, and maybe even make them scarier. The monkey I don't think would have worked for hunting (especially in a forest, are you kidding me?) To me, this could have worked to show what other nasty hybrids the Predators cooked up back at their planet. Or, heck, this could have been a part of the whole invasion plot, in which they were going to bring creatures like the dogs and the monkey hybrids to replace the normal animals. That would have made some sense, in my opinion.


Fugitive PredatorMember10358 XPDec-07-2018 3:21 PM

The Monkey looks more Creepy....

It kind of does look a bit of the Cloverfield Monster though.

The Plot Reveal about the Predators Genetically Engineering Life does open up the Door to many different Hybrids, but this essentially is similar to the Engineers Plot from the ALIEN Franchise?

I guess it makes room for a Predators vs Engineers LOL  who can only imagine what Hybrid Horrors both Races have created to use in a Given Conflict....

New Tag Line...

Who ever WINS... were $£"%£&



Young BloodMember25 XPDec-11-2018 8:08 AM

I love these concepts and would love to see them on-screen, however they would probably not have worked for this film, so it was good they didn't go with these.

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