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A Brief History of Aliens Versus Predator Games

A Brief History of Aliens Versus Predator Games

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From street games to video game markets, games are a lot of fun and entertainment that can hook you up for hours. One such engrossing and captivating game is Predator Video Games, where the most popular of all is Aliens video games. 

Not just video games but Aliens are also ruling over casino games based on films and other outstanding games out there. casino bonus utan insättning is the common strategy adopted by Casinos to attract players but for AVP, the name is enough. Casinos in Sweden, in Dubai, in Vegas, and all over the world are hosting such games fiercely.

It is apparent that the Aliens vs. Predator movie-to-game license is distinguished among all other games of this genre. And so in this article, we have researched a lot, worked hard, and come up with the history of the Aliens vs. Predator game for the die heart fans of its gameplay and graphics.

History of Aliens vs. Predator Game

The history of the AVP game is classic and quite interesting to know. Do you know it started from a comic genre?? Yup! Read on to know a brief history of aliens versus predator games. Here is the timeline.

1989 - The Beginning

It all starts from a comic story by Dark Horse. The story was titled 'Aliens vs. Predator. The storyline was that humans wanted to turn a planet into a civilized society. But the predator was using that planet for their hunting purpose. 

When the planet was colonized by humans, predators came along unknowingly to some aliens. The game then began. Later on, the video game was developed keeping the comic story as a plot. 

1993 - Rise of 'Aliens vs. Predator' Game

4 years later, In 1993, 'Aliens vs. Predator' for SNES was developed. In this version of a video game, the player takes charge of a predator. The predator decided to kill all the aliens in the game. According to our casino expert Amy Martinsson there are certain games beginners should avoid.

Reviews of the pioneer AVP game were mixed. Looking at the gameplay and graphics, or characters of the game, gamers have judged it and give mixed reviews. But this would not let the morale of developers down.

1994 - First FPS in The Franchise

In 1994, 'Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar' was released which is the first of its kind in the series of AVP. In this version of the game, players were given the liberty to choose from characters like Predators, Marines, and Aliens. 

Apart from that, a lot of changes in the design and characters were noticed. Many new characters were added. The mechanics of the game were simply awesome and stand out in the FPS atmosphere.

1999 - PC Version Released

It was the time when the makers of the game released its PC version by Rebellion. The name given is Aliens Versus Predator 2. This game was the outshined version of 1994's Atari Jaguar. Characters in the game were more powerful and playable.

 Aliens were given a fisheye view while infrared vision was given to Predators. Critics were licking the visuals. However, this version had some downsides also. Later on, in 2001, another improved version of  Aliens Versus Predator 2 was released.

2003 - Entry to Playstation & Xbox

In 2003, the game series was introduced to Playstation 2 and Xbox. This new version on a new platform was the RTS genre. This time upgrading was the main focus of the game makers.

2007 - One More Version, One More Platform

One more version of the game out as 'Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem' was released on Playstation portable. In the newer version, the game was based on a third-person shooting plot. 

Game lovers all over the world review it as a  poor design and unresponsive AI. The level of difficulty was easy and hence the entire gameplay lacks fun, excitement, and adventure.

2010 - Latest Version of AVP to Explore

This could be taken as the most recent version of AVP games. This version can be run on cross devices like PC, Xbox, and PS3. It is back to one of its previous versions which includes 3 campaigns. 

From the critic's point of view, this one has got both appreciation and criticism from the reviewers. However, the most loved campaign is Marine which relieves your tension when you play it.

AVP and Casino Gaming

No doubt that the AVP game is one of the most highly played games around the world, and that's the reason Casinos have also shown their interest in this theme. From video games to Playstation to Casino, AVP is so much fun & adventure. Gaming in the casino is all about how lucky you are. 

You may get an offer from many Casino Bonus no deposit which sounds cool but it may be a trap. To escape from this, we should adopt best practices for finding a reliable and safe casino online.

Play On!

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