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Let’s start a petition to remove The Predator from canon

Let’s start a petition to remove The Predator from canon


Sep-17-2018 12:48 AM

   Really guys as a longtime fan of predator 1 and the criminally underrated predator 2 I was too excited for the last movie . But unfortunately it was one of the biggest disappointments ever . Lazy writing , stupid characters , sloppy editing , no real sense of danger , the last act is a disgrace , should i go on ? This movie should be removed from canon . 

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Sep-20-2018 7:43 PM

It was better than Predators and both AvP films in terms of "Predator" authenticity, imo. I would remove / reboot AvP and AvP:R and Predators before we remove The Predator. But then we'd be left with the classics, which by far are the best. But at some point we need to embrace some evolution of the lore. 

Alien: Covenant | Predator 4


Sep-21-2018 5:27 PM

Uggh..going to stop reading these forums! Lol!

Off to watch Predator tomorrow......But these posts don't help! (Staying home and punching myself in the face sounds about as much fun as this movie!) ...but no...I'm going.


Sep-21-2018 5:47 PM

MonsterZero go and watch it, and enjoy.

I'd most definitely watch again over punching myself in the face XD


Sep-21-2018 11:05 PM

Go and watch it , you may like it , this is just my opinion after all 


Sep-22-2018 6:43 AM

I think everyone can personally choose what to ignore from Canon..... i dont think this movie would get removed from Canon by FOX.

I have yet to see the Movie... so i cant comment much about it, and its why i have ignored related Posts so as to not get too spoiled..   Sadly it seems the Writers just cant make a Good Story that does the Alien and Predator Franchises any Justice...    But then its a case of can anyone make a Predator movie or Alien movie that is going to please EVERY fan?

I cant say if The Predator is a Prometheus kind of disappointment to some fans, or a Alien Covenant kind of disappointment to some fans... or even a AVP disappointment to some fans... SURELY it cant be a AVPR disappointment though ;)

"sloppy editing"

Prometheus had bad Editing... but most of this was Fault of RS/FOX i would say The Predator is not at such a Fault.... its Editing was a case of various Re-shoots and Scenes they had NO CHOICE but to cut out.

We have to WONDER what kinds of U-Turns in Plot was made to the Movie that Warranted a number of Changes, and it would be interesting to see how  Close the Movie is compared to the Drafts just prior to when the Production/Shooting was given the Go Ahead.

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