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THE PREDATOR Movie Prequel Novel is a Sequel to Predator 2

THE PREDATOR Movie Prequel Novel is a Sequel to Predator 2


Aug-14-2018 8:34 AM

THE PREDATOR Movie Prequel Novel is a Sequel to Predator 2

Sean Keyes in THE PREDATOR prequel novel is Peter Keyes' son, see below. Peter Keyes was part of OWLF (Other Worldly Life Forms Program). 

“You seem remarkably well balanced for a man whose father was killed by one of these things.

Keys looked at him for a moment with an intense stare, and pappy started to apologize. Sometimes he forgot himself. Then keys smiled. It wasn’t a kind expression.

Don’t mistake enthusiasm for acceptance, happy. I want this son of a bitch for a reason. I know what it did. I’ve looked at pictures. I know exactly how my daddy died.”

THE PREDATOR movie prequel novel, page 139.

"Want some candy?", below.

4 Responses to THE PREDATOR Movie Prequel Novel is a Sequel to Predator 2


Aug-19-2018 1:13 PM

Great stuff! I'll share this up, thanks for sharing!

Alien: Covenant | Predator 4


Sep-10-2018 1:38 PM

I finished this novel and it was pretty decent. It was full of soldier vs. Predator action which was well described and you really root for the characters. The finale in a tropical storm on a fairground was very badass.

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