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Predator Movie Poster .gif from 20th Century Fox

Predator Movie Poster .gif from 20th Century Fox


Aug-11-2018 9:21 AM

I just received this via email, below.

10 Responses to Predator Movie Poster .gif from 20th Century Fox


Aug-11-2018 10:40 AM

But wait, what generates heat in the left dreadlocks? And why isn't there heat in the legs?


Aug-11-2018 11:46 AM

My guess is the legs are covered by more armor, masking some heat exposure?


Aug-11-2018 11:49 AM

@Chris If you consider stockings as body-armor, then yes it might be the case. But then why can heat be seen from the helmet/mask and the from the chest armor?

Also does this picture confirm that the Predators are warm-blooded (in a weird way...)?


Aug-11-2018 2:07 PM

Why is the poster specifically bringing attention to this Yautja's left breast?


Aug-11-2018 8:40 PM

IRaptus Shoot to the heart and you're to blame/ Darling you give love a bad name.


Aug-11-2018 9:12 PM

ignorantGuy It seems that Predator is Wanted Dead or Alive. Probably dead.

I just noticed the triangular laser is from the Predator's POV and the dots are what everyone else sees?


Aug-14-2018 8:42 AM

Here is a zoom of the back of the larger Predator, below.


Aug-14-2018 10:16 PM

Ingeniero That zoom in reminds me a lot of a zoom in of the AC Xeno spine- you may have posted it. Interesting.

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