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why not do ALIEN VERSES PREDATOR from original dark horse comic.

why not do ALIEN VERSES PREDATOR from original dark horse comic.


Jul-28-2018 2:02 AM

don't see why the original comic can be used for A V P film.

was so disappointed that the graphic novel wasn't done.

4 Responses to why not do ALIEN VERSES PREDATOR from original dark horse comic.


Jul-28-2018 9:58 PM

If the new Predator movie is successful enough to the bean counters, I could not see a reason why this could not happen. I have not read the novels but know enough that there is a lot of untapped potential for this series.


Jul-29-2018 10:44 AM

I still think a AVP Reboot could be on the cards at some point, and i do think the Setting/Timeline of the Dark Horse Comics and Computer Games would be the way to go.

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Aug-01-2018 8:06 AM

I haven't read that one yet sentientdark but there are certainly great examples in comics that would be great on film. I'm partial to Prometheus: Life and Death myself. 

Great topic.


Aug-02-2018 3:41 AM

Weren't they trying to do that in the 90's before that idiot Paul W S Andersons sold 20th Century Fox his crap script?

I for one would love to see a hard Reboot to AVP. Have it set during the original alien trilogy, on the planet Ryushi and having the human story follow our japanese-decent heroine Machiko Noguchi.

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