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Jun-11-2018 1:21 AM

So, what weapons and tech are we hoping to see (returned or new) in Shane Black's Predator?

I would like to see some type of Yautja Harpoon. Something that can pin a fleeing enemy and bring it back to close quarters.

Think MK Scorpion's harpoon-chain....Not very original but would be interesting to see a Yautja use. An honourable weapon one would think. 

Perhaps something that the Super-Pred can use on the standard Yautja.

Not too sure if a human would do too well in a fight after being impaled...Arnie, maybe.

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Jun-11-2018 9:25 PM

I wouldn't mind seeing the net that gave Grid his namesake from AVP.


Aug-01-2018 8:34 AM

I certainly want to see the shrinking net dk mentioned. We got to see that up close on the Predators' ship at the end of Predator 2 (almost the best if not the best film in the franchise). 

I want to see Danny Glover get mad again in a Predator movie. That is what I wish to see.

Does that count as "weapons or tech"?


Aug-02-2018 1:27 AM

An angry Danny Glover definitely counts as a weapon yes :)

Tenacious D. Glover



Aug-14-2018 8:53 AM

The expanded spear-like weapon the Predator uses is called the "Combistick", page 122 of the prequel novel. And the bladed-disk thrown by the Predator is controlled by the mask worn by the alien.


Aug-15-2018 1:19 PM

The Predator Weapons from the latest movies have gone more and more fancier. Also, these weapons leave a lot of evidence behind. Would like The Predator to go back to the roots of simpler weapons.


Aug-17-2018 8:20 AM

Great link Wwarez, that is a nice inventory of Predator weaponry. Yes, you're correct, the Predator's are a bit sloppy as far as evidence in the following films.

AVPR tried to address this with the Predator and his blue cleaning fluid but other parts of the movie were so bad that it is hard to bring up the reference.


Aug-24-2018 8:12 AM

Would be great to see some new Predator Spaceships as well, apart from the one we saw in the trailer.


Aug-25-2018 1:18 PM

Love the engagement on the forums Wwarez, but I'm noticing in every post you make you embed links to your AvPCentral website. Which is cool, but the manner in which you're posting is coming off a bit like spam. This is why we allow for links in your signature, which you also have set to your site. 

We're all for encouraging growth in the community and I really dig your site! I just ask that you try not to make every post here an advert for your site. A link to AvPCentral will already be shown on every post you make anyways. :)

Alien: Covenant | Predator 4


Aug-25-2018 1:29 PM

Will keep that in mind, thanks.

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