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September 14th, 2018
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Jun-01-2018 7:46 AM

ok so wev seen the trailer and heard some details of the leaked 'script'. obviously there is gna be someone experimenting on something here. now I don't wanna see an AVPR (minus aliens) here where a bad ass elder predator has been sent, on his own, to clean up a mess such as a group of rogue predators (in place of a bunch of aliens) up to no good. had a thought. id like the predator which we got to see (another major fuck up thank u fox) is the bad guy. hes the leader of a clan of predators and 1 or more are gna go do the whole hunting on earth right of passage thing but instead, he betrays them. he has been to earth before and has noticed our technological ability and wants to use us to create the ultimate yautja. he has the yautja on the ship in hypersleep in orbit while he cuts his deal. cue seen where little boy for some reason receives a package of alien gizmos (I mean why?) the yautja wake up, realise whats happening and team up with the good oomans to bring down the clan leader and the bad oomans diabolical schemes but the clan leader is one bad ass muthfucka and the group being adolescents, its very difficult to do this.

im not sure if this is maybe closer to the actual plot or not. thoughts?

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Jun-04-2018 6:42 AM

Its interesting take for sure.....

With little coming out so far, and only one trailer there is not too much to go by.

It would appear that Mankind or at least one Secret Scientific Group has obtained/Re-Engineer Predator Tech Dating back from the first TWO Predator movies.

It appears there are either Captured Predators or a Predator, and could this be from prior event... or recently after the Kid Activates that Beacon?

Where know the Plot appears to suggest the Predators are going around World to World Genetically upgrading themselves with Traits of other Organisms.  And we see the Scientist have captured a Predator that they could be doing their own Genetic Experiments with...   Maybe trying to obtain Predator DNA to make Super Human Soldiers?

We have the Set Leaked Photos that show at least TWO Predators are accompanying those Human Ex Marines with PTSD, with them appearing in Camo Gear and using Human Weapons.   Did the Humans Jail Break the Predators?

We heard the Rumor of the Big Mutha! Predator and so i wonder if this is a Experiment that Humans have carried out?

I have a feeling we will be seeing Humans using Predator Tech or Re-Engineered Tech, Predators using Human Tech and Predators using New Predator Tech we have not seen or stuff we have seen in the AVP movies.

A Part of me is thinking we will get the reveal that some/all of those Soldiers with PTSD are/have actually be experimented on for the DNA/Skills either by Predators in the past, or Humans trying to replicate what they have seen the Predators attempting to do.

Thats my MY Two Cents..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-06-2018 1:59 AM

Upgrade how? Technologically? OK. But why the hunt? It seems there are at least two ideas. Somehow it sounds vaguely Borg-like if this is how it goes down. I like that we don't really know ;)

That said, the original Predator was just that. We were mere goobers to it- except for Dutch.


Jun-06-2018 7:18 AM

dk I agree. having earth be a right of passage is good enough for me but I do see that if they cant come up with something fresh on another world then the upgrading and hyberdizing idea is a logical way to make another movie. I just don't want to be sitting watching the movie and half way through know whats coming because I played a video game years ago. if this is a rogue faction or a species of yautja from another planet then its good their trying to expand the franchise but if that's what their doing we really need backstories to it all

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