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Why Aliens Are Better Than Predators

Why Aliens Are Better Than Predators




Posted Mar-17-2017 5:59 PM

Aliens are way more terrifying, unique, and strong. Aliens have exoskeletons that can deflect at least pistol rounds. Colonial marines needed 10mm caseless armour piercing rounds to penetrate the Aliens' exoskeletons. Aliens can climb on walls and ceilings, like how Spiderman can. They don't need to hold on to something when climbing, how cool is that? Aliens can spit acid that can melt floors, now that's just nasty. Aliens can rip guys to pieces without using tools, but Predators need knives in order to do that. Aliens can bend steel doors, Alien 3 and Resurrection have shown these. Now that's brute strength.

Predators aren't that strong, they got their asses kicked by Danny Glover and Adrien Brody in HAND TO HAND combat. You call them "strong"? The Japanese guy in the movie Predators killed a Super Predator on a plain open field where there was nowhere to run. Arnold beat a Predator by using sticks and rocks. Not to mention, Arnold and Adrien got slapped in the face by Predators and both guys managed to get back up a couple of minutes later. Predators aren't that much stronger than humans are. Why do you think in every Predator movie, writers make Predators fight humans in hand to hand combat? If Predators were extremely strong like Aliens then a physical combat between a Predator and a human would be pointless, right? But Predators got their asses kicked by Danny Glover and Adrien Brody in HAND TO HAND combat, so what does that say about Predators? They ain't that strong compared to other movie monsters, if Predators really are considered to be "monsters".

Predators aren't that advanced either. They dress like cave men lol. They use weapons like knives, spears, nets, and pizza cutters, sorry but those don't sound "advanced" to me. Their plasma casters aren't that impressive either. Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover took plasma shots to the shoulder and chest and both guys survived. The character Stans in the movie Predators got shot in the back and he survived because he wore an armoured vest. Predator plasma casters can't penetrate armour, what makes you think it can penetrate an Alien's exoskeleton?

Predators have one of the most RIDICULOUS facial designs I've ever seen. It looks like a crab-faced monkey with a vagina-mouth. Did a 12 year old design its face? It looks SILLY! Predator's face looks as goofy as Ballchinian from Men in Black 2.

And the Predator movies are just dumb. The dialogue, acting, and action scenes were uninteresting and cheap. They seem like something high school kids would enjoy. I can't take Predator movies seriously. They try too hard to be "cool" but come off corny instead. The only reason why people bothered to watch the first Predator movie (which wasn't even that good) is the fact that it had Arnold in it. If Dutch were played by a different actor, most people wouldn't bother to watch the first Predator film. And we all know the sequels didn't do any better. The Predator franchise is this popular mainly because it's been piggyback riding on the Alien franchise since the late-1980s. Oh poor Predator. It needs help from Aliens in order to gain attention by the audience. Without that stupid Alien/Predator crossover, most people wouldn't know who Predators are.

Speaking of AvP, everyone by now should know that stupid crossover is not canon. So please, do not use AvP to defend Predators. Ok? Everyone who has not been living under a rock or has at least half a brain would know AvP is not canon. AvP got retconned by Ridley Scott's Alien prequels, and all Alien and Predator fans should thank Ridley Scott for doing so. I really don't understand how anyone can like the AvP movies or the concept. Even the Predator franchise refuses to acknowledge the AvP movies, Robert Rodriguez said so. I've never heard Shane Black mention AvP. Why? Because it ain't canon and no one wants it to be canon, except for delusional idiots of course.

Oh and please don't use that Xenomorph skull in Predator 2 to defend those silly looking crab faced monkeys with vagina-mouths. Everyone knows that Xenomorph skull was just an Easter egg, movies do Easter eggs all the time. They don't mean shit. If you watch the making of Predator 2, the director and special effects artists FLAT OUT ADMITTED that Xenomorph skull was a joke and it was not mean to be taken seriously. They added that Xenomorph skull because they thought it would be "cool" and they were Alien fans themselves. But sadly, dumbasses took that joke literally.

Plus, that Xenomorph skull in Predator 2 wouldn't make sense. Xenomorphs don't have skulls. As I said earlier, Xenomorphs have exoskeletons. Predator 2 takes place in 1997. Xenomorphs did not exist in 1997. All of Ridley Scott's Alien prequels take place in the late-21st century and early-22nd century and they're supposed to show the origin of Xenomorphs. It's obvious Xenomorphs did not exist in 1997.

Realistically, an Alien would make short work out of any Predator in a fight. It's like a fight between a wrestler and a lion with steel-like skin. I really cannot see how a Predator can make it out alive.

So if you think about it, adding Predators in the Alien universe would be pointless. Predators would get killed too quickly by Aliens, even Engineers and colonial marines would kill Predators instantly. It would be too much for Predators to handle. Like I said, they got their asses kicked by a cop and a pianist in hand to hand combat. Don't blame me. Blame the guys who wrote Predator 2 and Predators.

This new Predator movie is obviously going to suck. Most of the cast members are nobodies. It's going to have Olivia Munn... LOL! No one takes her seriously! And the movie is obviously going to be a ripoff of Predator 2. Why would anyone want to ripoff Predator 2? That movie is shit.

Sorry but if you prefer Predator over Alien then you have a really awful taste lol.





Posted Mar-22-2017 10:21 AM

I was sympathetic to your post earlier when I was reading but then you started to bash the predator movies and as both an ALIEN and Predator fan, I kind of lost sympathy right about when you started insulting the creature's design, the great Stan Winston designed the predators, all the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, the Terminators, the Avatar aliens, and the Xenomorph freaking Queen!

Now Predators (predator 3) sucked for various reasons but the Predators in Predator 1 and 2 wasn't by any means weak, still not as strong as a xenomorph, I agree but it did take Dutch (Arnold) a lot of effort to build that trap for the Predator.

However I total agree with you on Alien vs Predator the movie, in regards of its canonical status and that the Xenomorph skull in predator 2 is an Easter Egg. I also agree that Predator has been piggybacking on the Alien franchise, I think one of the Taglines was "Aliens meets Commando" but as for the Predator's technology and attire, not all advance civilizations will adopt proper clothing or etiquette like humans or stupid star trek aliens. 





Posted Apr-18-2017 2:08 AM

Agreed Xenotaris.  What's with the hate for the Predator in the OP?  Sure, the Predator movies aren't perfect (and the ALIENS are naturally the deadlier species), but Predator (and to a lesser extent Predator 2) are truly great action/sci-fi films.

I'll admit that I didn't know Predator 2 existed until I was in my teens; however, the first Predator film is something I was exposed to at a very young age.  I can't even remember a time where I didn't know about the first film.  Maybe there's some truth to people not knowing about Predator 2.  That could be due to the way the film was marketed, I'm not too sure.  It's like what Katherine Waterson said about the first ALIEN always being part of her memory as a child.

I'm actually really looking forward to the new Predator film. Predators was a decent movie, although I didn't like some of the new ideas they introduced (such as the bigger breed of Predators).  IMO they need to start exploring Predator culture to show us why the Predator conducts its hunts.

I think most people would agree that AVP was a mess. There's a whole untold story there, though.  The studio wanted a film with the ALIENS to be set on Earth, so the script had to be earth-based.  I may be the only one who thinks this, but I think Alien vs. Predator could work in the right hands.

The problem, imo, is that the final product didn't go with the earlier script, and it didn't really take anything from the AVP comics as a source of inspiration.  Chris Claremont enjoyed his time working on the AVP comics, because the company gave the artist/writer a lot more creative freedom than Marvel did on their X-Men stuff.  He was able to add things like female Predators to the mythos.  For Claremont, the comic book realities were never about selling Predator merchandise.  




Posted Apr-18-2017 4:05 AM

Unfortunately Claremont's work was a mostly incoherent mess.

Otherwise I generally agree.  The OP just seems like trolling.




Posted Apr-18-2017 4:57 AM

I don't hate Predator, Pred 2, and I did enjoy AvP (and some parts of AvP Requiem)
BUT, I want the Predatorverse and the ALIENverse kept seperate...the easter egg skull kicked off a mess that is best left to pass into history.

*Man's giant leap was just a stumble in the dark.*




Posted Jun-13-2017 10:16 AM

I think the alien universe just has more paths that it can go down. it has a scary ass creature, an alien race, synthetics and ofcourse the human fact where the predators really just have them and the humans. theres more possibilities, well less and less with the prequel saga, within the alien universe than with predator but individually, theres not much between the yautja and the xeno. both r classic creations with a badass side to them. predator is awesome just as alien is and the avp movies messed up big time. they were poorly done but id be open to someone with a good script having another bash at it but it needs the budget to make it work properly.

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