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How would you want, "The Predator" to go?

How would you want,


Dec-02-2016 3:29 AM

Title speaks for itself.

What location/terrain would you like the movie to take set?

What actors would you want for this movie?

How would you like the characters to portray? E.g. Guerrilla Warfare badass's, Cops, a bunch of criminals/people with skills?

For me it would be:

Location: Jungle seems like the best fit. I find it hard to see a Pred in the city, even with Pred 2.

Actors: Joe Manganiello, Michael Jai White, an A-list actor, Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, another A-list actor, Scarlett-Johansson  maybe.

Potrayal: SAS member, FBI guy, Navy Seal person, a deadly mixed martial artist (Donnie, MJW or Scott).

I would like to see a human fight a Pred in unarmed combat. Would be interesting to watch.

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Dec-02-2016 3:36 AM

Is it just me, or am I the only person who can't see what I wrote for OP?

Edit: Nevermind. 


Dec-02-2016 11:46 AM

The criminal with skills angle was alright in Predators but for me, I like the concept of a team of Black Ops facing off against a Predator. They've already covered the military, police and criminal angle. I definitely think watching some huge, 6'5, 260-pound MMA fighter taking on a Predator in unarmed hand-to-hand combat would be entertaining to watch. We've really not seen anything like that yet.

Yautja elder

Jan-09-2017 1:07 AM

Characters: I would like to see an elite military member from a tier one unit engaging in clandestine work.  DEVGRU, Seals, Green Berets, Detachment Delta, CIA SAD, Etc.  These guys should be the best of the best, and maybe they should get some real veterans in there.  The goal should be to have them look as much like real tier one operators as possible.  Hand to hand combat would be cool, but it has to be realistic.  I liked the ending with Arnold in the first Predator because it didnt make Arnold look too macho manhandling a Predator, and also Arnold had to resort to his basic survival skills once he lost his weapons.

Setting: Some specific places I think would be cool: Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Etc.), Africa (Somalia, Darfur, Nigeria, Congo countries in the diamond areas like Sierra Leone), North Korea, Balkans. Instead of one Predator and one location which is what all Predator and AvP films have been, it would be cool to break it up into where there is a primary location  and maybe some other secondary locations around the world.  

Plot: Would be nice to see Arnold and Danny Glover return for a cameo or supporting role... maybe they have become friends and are working together to learn more about what the government is doing to find the predators and get their hands on predator technology.  They could be doing private investigations into predator sightings so they can track one down themselves, and learn more about the predator species.

Maybe the main characters should be the tier one unit sent by the cia, military, and military contractors to hunt down and capture or kill a Predator to study its technology and physiology.  Or to imprison and attempt to communicate with it.   


Jan-23-2017 4:43 PM

The Predator has to look bad ass or else it will ruin the whole movie if he looks like a skinny wimp. He has to look intimidating, a REALLY big guy! Otherwise you lose the Holy shit I'm scared of that guy effect. :) And cool ass weaponry! No love story bullshit like Requim. Stick to the action! Thanks!


Mar-05-2017 8:31 AM

I don't think we need to worry about the new Predator looking like a skinny wimp ;)

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