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Pros & Cons For Predators Sequel


Nov-18-2012 7:48 PM

What are your guys pros and cons towards a sequel to Predators 2010?

2 Responses to Pros & Cons For Predators Sequel


Feb-02-2013 2:46 PM

To all I don't think there could be any cons !!! The pros are more revelations of the predator species and their technology - homeworld exploration would be excellent !!!!


May-04-2013 10:55 AM

Pros: More action, more predators, more human drama, and so on. Basically more of everything hahaha. Cons: They might not expand on mythology, rehashing of old characters, same movie over again but with new characters could be a result, Brody beats a predator again. In all honesty I think those cons can be easily overlooked with a good script, cast, and production and I was half-kidding about the brody comment

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