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Xeno Killer

Sep-29-2012 10:53 PM

Would you want there to be new predators or have the same ones again? Falconer, Tracker, and Berserker. If new ones, what would you call them and what would they do?

12 Responses to Different Predators?

Pred Mut

Sep-29-2012 11:05 PM

The River Hunter? Idk, its the only name I could come up with. A predator that can avoid interference with the water would be cool. He could keep his cloak in the water.

Pred Slayer

Sep-29-2012 11:18 PM

@Pred Mut I like the name you gave it! They do need predators that can cloak in the water!


Sep-30-2012 11:56 AM

I would call it 'El Matador' Spanish for The Killer. It would be pretty cool as a legend from the villages. Idk, its just an idea I based off Predator.



Feb-02-2013 3:04 PM

what about a female predator. ? How do predators procreate ? Are all predators hunters or are some in their homeworld liketeachers statesman and such ?


Feb-27-2013 9:59 PM

first not being able to cloak in water is a tech thing if one could do it all would and they need some kind of a weakness in their cloak. As far as females read the books, females hunt as well but in the books are larger than males and pick their mates based on hunting trophies and their own status. So basically a female with top standing will pick multiple males to mate with, however the clans rule, female's play a large role in the governing of the clans so they don't hunt as much. Hunting brings personal standing, honor, and where you sit with the ladies while also bolstering your clans standing vs other clans. Now what that standing dictates is hunting grounds as in first choice and so forth but also territory, some is worth more than others. Also one can challenge another for the right for specific hunting grounds. Normally more than one clan is on each ship especially alien hunting ships. In the books and comic books they don't have a temple on a planet they have a ship that flies around with a queen on bored tied up like yo see in avp forced to lay eggs and then they are loaded automatically onto pod ships and sent to planets with wild life. The planets with the toughest life is the most desired. Ritual combat between high ranking clans-a hero of each clan fights each other for the right to pick their planet. Also in the books you see where clans come together to capture queens on alien planets to be used to seed other worlds with specific wild life.


Feb-27-2013 10:12 PM

side note: in the books and comic books the aliens are the ultimate prey, and the first hunt a pred goes on for them is a right of passage not for new bloods but for vets, once you hunted an alien you got the clan mark on your head making you an official badass and moving you into the upper cast of warriors, you also had to renew your mark every so often to show you still hunt them. The aliens where not made by preds but used by them and hunted for sure. Also once you had the clan mark you could join in on capturing queens and hunting them, the highest honor. Most preds didn't hunt queens on their own and only a few legends did so and lived. the stories in the books and comic books are awesome.


Mar-06-2013 12:44 PM

I'd really like to see some of the others on the ship in Pred 2, especially Gort. Somehow I don't like the idea of Predators not being linked in any way to Pred 2, when Pred 2 was obv a Pred 1 sequel. I hope to change that in Predators 2. It's a shame really.


Sep-02-2013 8:11 PM

If they could it would be really nice if they brought scar back, because in AVP scar really talked to me he was the only Predator who doesn't kill a human and he was down right awesome

Hunter's Moon

Sep-03-2013 7:56 PM

I would like to see new Predators, but also a "cleaner" like Wolf who shows up and kills both aliens and the other Predators, who have disobeyed the laws of the hunt and let the situation out of control.


Oct-07-2013 7:47 PM

I liked that Predators had multiple predators in it and I think it'd be good to see a similar thing in the next Predators movie. But the same ones? Definitely not. Some original ones would be nice.


Oct-07-2013 8:15 PM

i hope R R shows us a bit about them (predator) this time, like a predator base or something or a predator city in detail... maybe we could find the reason for the blood feud....

Sci-Fi King25

Jan-09-2014 6:51 PM

I agree. (Dude above me, you win the award of best display name) Then we could see more Super predators trying to avenge the deaths of that hunting party.

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