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Get hyped for Shane Black's Predator 4!

Get hyped for Shane Black's Predator 4!

Scified2017-10-18 11:49:15
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The Predator has been absent from the cinema for 7 year, soon to be 8 by the time Shane Black's The Predator finally hits theaters. Though the iconic intergalactic alien hunter took a backseat while emphasis was placed on Ridley Scott's continuation of the Alien franchise with Alien: Covenant, 20th Century Fox are finally gearing up for a reinvigorating return of the Predator in August of next year. The first trailer for The Predator is expected to drop sometime in January, 2018 according to director Shane Black and what better way to help build hype and remind the general public of the Predator's return than with some sweet Yautja-inspired swag! Below are a few Predator themed shirts which we thought stood out and would be an attractive addition to any fan's collection.

The Jungle Hunter

Simple yet effective, this shirt embodies what the original Predator was all about - a silent, merciless killer, hell bent on obtaining the most prized of Human trophies. A rogue Hunter himself, the original Jungle Hunter made the Predator what is is today and poised the creature as one of cinema's most memorable movie monsters.

Predtaor 4 movie shirt

Get the Jungle Hunter shirt, here!

The print also makes for a great phone case as well:

Predator 4 movie phone case

Get the phone case, here!

The Trophy Hunter

There really is no prey too large or too powerful that the Predator will not attempt to make a trophy out of. The bigger and smarter the prey, the more respect is earned upon mutilating it and obtaining its skull as a trophy. From seasoned Human marines to the ruthless Alien Xenomorph, to even other Predators! The Predator is unafraid in its pursuit for the perfect trophy.

Predator 4 movie shirt

Get the Trophy Hunter shirt here!

Hunt or Be Hunted

This next shirt features some remarkable artwork featuring Schwarzenegger's original character Dutch, prior to his final battle with the Yautja hunter. As far as we know, Dutch will not be in the new Predator film, although the new film does take place in the same timeline as the first movie. Early rumors about Arnold Schwarzenegger's potential return to the franchise have simmered down in recent months, with his apparent exclusion being the result of his character not receiving enough screentime or not having a prevelant enough role. Still though, his character remains one of cinema's most iconic protgaonists - coining everyone's favorite phrase "GET TO DA CHOPPA!".

Predator 4 movie shirt

Get the this shirt with Dutch and the Predator here!

There are plenty of other Predator themed shirts available for fans looking to completely deck out their wardrobe in preparation for the new film. If you come across any which you think we should showcase, or if you've designed your own Predator artwork, show us in the comments section below!

We can't wait for the first trailer to drop. Be sure to check often for more updates!

Join the Predator forums here to discuss the latest news on Predator 5 as well as all other Predator movies!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-10-18 11:49:15

Get These Predator Shirts While You Can!

Check out a few Predator shirts below and click here for even more!

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Predator mugs
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2 Fan responses to Get hyped for Shane Black's Predator 4!


Elder PredatorStaff2414 XPOct-18-2017 2:31 PM

Some nice designs!!! Ill have the second one I think The Trophy Hunter


Alien HunterMember1541 XPOct-18-2017 2:46 PM

It might turn out to be a good movie. Shane Black is always an interesting writer/director. I hope I get to see a pre-screening of this!

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