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A closer look at the new Predator suits from Shane Black's Predator 4!

A closer look at the new Predator suits from Shane Black's Predator 4!

Following the release of some on-set The Predator photos which we reported on two days ago, we have two more, higher quality photos of the film's new Predator suits to share! The new photos offer a much clearer look at the new Predator armor, showing off a uniquely designed helmet and some added body armor. The one helmet seems to be gold plated in parts, potentially signifying a higher ranking Predator amongst this specific clan. Although the shots do depict the Predator manning some heavy human artillery, it is still unknown whether or not this will actually take place in the film. As we learn more however, we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Thanks to Jarrod Au for the photos (via AvPGalaxy)!

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This article was written By Chris and published on 2017-05-16 13:27:09

About The Predator

Shane Black returns to the Predator franchise to direct a new sequel to 1987's Predator! Officially titled The Predator! From the outer reaches of space to the small-town streets of suburbia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black's explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe's most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before, having genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species. When a young boy accidentally triggers their return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.

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15 Fan responses to A closer look at the new Predator suits from Shane Black's Predator 4!


May-16-2017 1:42 PM

I am afraid this franchise is taking a turn for the worst ala Terminator :(


May-16-2017 3:42 PM

This could just be for the sake of the photos, as I doubt a Predator would ever favor a Human weapon over his own tech. Time will tell, though!


May-16-2017 3:58 PM

We dont know 100% what the Plot is yet.. well i dont lol

It is strange why the Predators would use Human Technology.. but we dont know if they was captured by Humans and kept in some Secret Place like a Area 51 and then experimented on some that went loose and posed a threat..

And the Humans had to make a pact with the other Predators that they would destroy the Rogue Predators in return for Freedom, and so the Humans would not give them Predator Tech as this.. on one hand gives them a Advantage over the other Predators.. it would also give the Predators the chance to break their Covenant if you will and just take off.

Or indeed the Humans may have a Agenda to break it and have no intentions of giving the Predators their Freedom once they have completed their side of the Bargain.

Having the Predators with their Weapons would give the Predators a Advantage should the Humans then decide to break any deal and try and put the Predators back into confinement etc.

Thats the logical way i can think of... again that does not mean its true.. as a lot of Writers minds dont work like mine lol


May-16-2017 3:58 PM

Well, they're definitely a vast improvement over the AVP suits; perhaps they are soldiers disguised as Predators (i.e. holographic overlay)?


May-16-2017 4:05 PM

If I see a predator driving a tank in the movie I will get up and walk out.


May-16-2017 4:26 PM

 Okay... I'm going to have to go with this a bit. I like the Helmets (although they do not cover the whole top of the head *dome/crown* as they are supposed too). The armor (now that I am on a bigger screen) is a little bit too military looking with the arm braces, and color scheme. 

Perhaps they are brothers in some sort of PREDATOR military company... *HUH!???* ? They do have the same helmets and gear it looks like (ala, AvP...poop).


May-16-2017 4:45 PM

So there are two pred factions in this ala PREDATORS??


Wonder if this connects to that somehow??


May-16-2017 4:54 PM

No blades on their right arm?? No plasma canon?? Human military clothing?? Handling human weapons?? A Predator sitting in a armored vehicle. AGAIN, a Predator sitting in an armored vehicle!! Let that sink in a bit. Somebody please slap me or throw some cold water on my face, I need to wake up from this nightmare. 


May-16-2017 5:03 PM

You bring up a good point BULLET! There is an apparent lack of Predator weaponry on these Preds. I highly doubt they would add them digitally in post production. This makes me think perhaps... PERHAPS these Predators are aiding Humans against their will! Perhaps they were captured and are being forced to fight alongside these Humans to track the nastier Predator(s) which is supposed to be in the film. The military confiscate their weapons and cloaking tech so they can keep tabs on then, give then human weapons so they don't turn on them and obliterate them. 

It's a silly thought to think Predators would ever be held captive and used as attack dogs by Humans, but who knows what story arc this film will have. 

@Indefinent, It will not directly reference Predators - as that film will technically be set after the events of this film, but Shane did mention The Predator will not retcon any of the existing Predator films. So they all remain canon and part of the same timeline. 


May-16-2017 5:49 PM

Thanks Chris. Yeah it will be interesting to see.

I Raptus

May-17-2017 1:55 AM

Surely these are spoof images that wont be in the film. just in between shots, "hey lets get the predators to drive around in a tank for shits and giggles.....??

As much I love the Predator franchise I'd have to agree with rmeyer, I dont think I could stomach such nonsense.


I Raptus

May-17-2017 2:15 AM

hahaha you're a funny man Shane Black, screwing with us like that. 


May-17-2017 4:43 AM

Imagine that! Hahaha they did these photos deliberately to mess with us and get us talking about nonsense while they film legitimate spoiler material elsewhere hahaha crafty... 


May-17-2017 5:38 AM

When reality smacks us in the face like a runaway train we won't be laughing. They may be goofing around by throwing up peace signs, but I have a really bad feeling this is gonna be a thing. Military clothes, teaming up with humans, the whole jazz. I'm hoping I'm wrong and this is all a big troll but as of right now I'm scared.

I Raptus

May-17-2017 2:15 PM

Could be Chris, Shane Black has is renowned for his dark sense of humour. But at this point I think all we want to see is someone to do it right, or don't do it at all.

I hope you are wrong to BULLET but the question is; if this is a troll why is the predator-human armour tailored for the Preds (eg. look at the gloves), seems like to much effort for a as you say, this might well be a thing...sadly.   

Black was in the first film, surely if anyone knows the lore and the appeal of the Predator it would be him. It is most definetely not appealing or within Yautja lore to dress up in human clothes, use human guns, and drive around in a tank!

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